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2x ADAM Audio S3H Premium Dual 7-Inch Woofer Horizontal Studio Monitor Speaker

2x ADAM Audio S3H Premium Dual 7-Inch Woofer Horizontal Studio Monitor Speaker
2x ADAM Audio S3H Premium Dual 7-Inch Woofer Horizontal Studio Monitor Speaker

2x ADAM Audio S3H Premium Dual 7-Inch Woofer Horizontal Studio Monitor Speaker    2x ADAM Audio S3H Premium Dual 7-Inch Woofer Horizontal Studio Monitor Speaker

2x ADAM Audio S3H Premium Dual 7-Inch Woofer Horizontal Studio Monitor Speaker. 2x Premium Dual 7 Horizontal Studio Monitors.

2 X ADAM S3H (Used). The S3H builds on the successes of ADAM Audio's most popular studio monitors, the S3A and S3X-H, and, like its predecessors, sets new standards in terms of technical innovation and design. The dual 7-inch bass drivers, each powered by separate 500 W Class D amplifiers, offer flawless reproduction of frequencies all the way down to 32 Hz.

ADAM Audio's newly developed DCH, a 4-inch hybrid dome/cone mid-range driver, is powered by a 300 W Class D amplifier and handles audio above 250 Hz and below 3 kHz, its leading-edge hybrid design offering the sonic advantages of both cone and soft-dome drivers in a single, one-piece unit. Frequencies above 3 kHz are routed to the innovative combination of the S-ART treble driver (each handmade at ADAM Audio's Berlin factory), the new precision HPS waveguide, and a 50 W Class A/B amplifier. The result of all this innovation is a beautifully transparent three-dimensional soundscape, with an extensive sweet spot. The S Series' custom-designed DSP optimizes the loudspeaker crossovers to create linear responses for the entire range, as well as providing user equalization and in-room tuning/voicing functions. A unique feature of the S3H's DSP options is a built-in factory EQ preset that emulates the response of ADAM Audio's legendary S3A monitor.

The DSP also handles the limiter-based high-frequency driver protection, processes the signals from the AES3 digital inputs, and will in time facilitate various expansion options. Software updates can be carried out with ease via the associated USB port, which also allows users to connect computers and control the speakers' DSP functions via a software front-end. With its massively powerful amplification and three-way design (optimally configured for use horizontally), the S3H was conceived as a midfield monitor, but can be employed equally well in more compact listening environments. As with all ADAM Audio designs, the sound is punchy but musical, with crystal-clear reproduction of the all-important mid-range. The S3H's wide-ranging frequency response, its power amps' instantly available, plentiful headroom, and the lack of need for additional subwoofers should appeal to any audio professional looking for a stand-alone, full-frequency active solution for their recording studio, one which provides equally detailed audio information at any volume setting, loud or quiet.

Whatever your preferred output level, the S3H's vibrant authenticity is a spur to creativity for producers, engineers and musicians everywhere, and its sound remains remarkably unfatiguing, even when working uninterrupted for extended periods. S-ART tweeter, handmade in Berlin and manufactured to the tightest tolerances in ADAM Audio's history. Allows longer operation with fewer signs of fatigue. Their breakup is prevented by the folded diaphragms, distortions are effectively reduced to a minimum. Advanced dynamic range due to acoustically effective diaphragm surface that is 2.5 times bigger (compared to a classic tweeter according to the piston principle). The air velocity ratio of 4:1 during the sound generation by folded S-ART membrane. Direct, fast response in the high-range even with complex transients. Newly designed HPS waveguide, milled from a solid block of aluminum. Makes dispersion more consistent and imaging more stable over a wider area. Reduction of early reflections on the surfaces of, e. New midrange driver with one-piece hybrid dome/cone (DCH) design. Offering the sonic advantages of both driver types, with minimal partial resonances. Partly responsible for the excellent mid-range dispersion characteristics of the S Series, due to improved integration with the treble driver. Custom-built Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) bass drivers. Accurate audio reproduction at an extremely high resolution thanks to the precision-designed relationship between its low weight, optimized inner damping and highly rigid HexaCone membrane, in conjunction with a basket which has been developed to eliminate unwanted resonance and distortion. Custom-designed Symmetrical Magnet Assembly (SMA). Allows the voice coil a maximum excursion three times greater than that offered by previous designs, with an extended, symmetrical magnetic field ensuring linear, low-distortion operation. Power compression effects are prevented by an intelligent self-cooling system. Horizontal 3-way system with 2 x 7" woofers and 1 x 4" DCH midrange. Very high resolution of the stereo image. Spacious bass reflex ports on the front. Bass reproduction with very low compression. Allows positioning close to walls. Highly efficient PWM ICE Power amplifiers for the woofers and midrange driver coupled with an A/B amplifier for S-ART tweeter. Low-distortion amplification at both low and high volume levels.

Linear frequency response of 30 Hz to 50 kHz. Unbiased reproduction in a wide frequency band.

Maximum peak sound pressure per pair in 1 m = 126 dB. Powerful, compression-free sound reproduction even at very high sound levels.

Perfect crossovers for optimal frequency response and maximum dynamic range. EQ options and presets for in-room optimization. Limiter-based amp protection, AES3 digital inputs and board connectors for future expansion options, together with a USB connector for software upgrades and computer-based control.

Optimized for balanced line signals. Acoustically optimized and weightily constructed cabinets. Reduction of susceptibility to vibrations and unwanted edge-diffraction effect. Basket ø : 7 (178 mm). Voice Coil ø : 1.5 (39 mm).

Type : Dome / Cone Hybrid. Basket ø : 4 (100 mm).

Voice Coil ø : 2.4 (60 mm). Diaphragm Area : 4 inch² (2420 mm²). Diaphragm ø : 2 (56 mm). Velocity Transform Ratio : 4:1. Diaphragm Weight : 0.17 g.

Room Compensation High-Shelf EQ : 1. Room Compensation Low-Shelf EQ : 1. Delay : 0 ms to 5 ms.

Frequency Response : 32 Hz - 50 kHz. THD > 100 Hz : =0.4 %. SPL per pair at 1 m : =126 dB. Crossover Frequencies : 250 Hz / 3 kHz.

Weight : 58.6 lb (26.6 kg). Height x Width x Depth : 11.0" (280 mm) x 23.0" (585 mm) x 15.0 (380 mm). We are authorized dealers for all these brands.

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  1. Brand: Adam
  2. Type: Subwoofer
  3. Model: Audio S3H
  4. Connectivity: Wired
  5. MPN: S3H
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  7. UPC: 4260113132715

2x ADAM Audio S3H Premium Dual 7-Inch Woofer Horizontal Studio Monitor Speaker    2x ADAM Audio S3H Premium Dual 7-Inch Woofer Horizontal Studio Monitor Speaker