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SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer

SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer
SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer
SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer
SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer

SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer    SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer
SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer, 12 Driver, 325 WPC. Used, 15 years old, still strong as new. Custom built SVS long-throw 12 driver. Full-featured 325 watt BASH digital amp. Computer Assisted Design (CAD) enclosure.

Down-firing woofer with integrated base-plate. Compliant floor mounts, low center of gravity. Resonance free, protective top port grill. 16 high-strength, polymer wrapped enclosure. CNC'd, laminated, 1.0 composite end-caps.

Extra heavy duty 8ft power cord. 25-31PCI SVS's Small Powered Cylinder.

Nothing, and we mean NOTHING outperforms these "little" SVS's on the bass most common to movie soundtracks. Able to crank out earth-moving low frequencies with accuracy, depth and of course volume, like no other subs. They're tuned to excel on the vast majority of DVD's, including the thousands we've run through. One or two of these subs in your home theater will make you want to watch every disk in your collection again. And that's before you discover that they are stunning on music as they are with movies.

325 watt RMS BASH amplifier. 25 Hz extension quasi-anechoic (in-room response will be 4-5hz deeper). +/- 3 dB 25 Hz-100 Hz.

32.5" tall, 16" in diameter. The PCi isn't just an all-in-one, self-powered subwoofer. It's the world's only cylinder based home theater subwoofer with its own cutting-edge amp. The PCi continues our tradition (started with the original Powered Cylinder) of providing a level of content which exceeds that in powered subs costing much much more.

When you are replacing a woofer as tough, as good, and as much a mainstay of our model lines as the venerable award-winning ISD woofer... You take your time, and you build something that's a marked improvement in performance and durability, all while holding the line on cost to the extent you can.

The first entry-level 12 woofer good enough to be built by us, and in our own rural-Ohio factory no less. It's all SVS in design. And to say the least, it's a marked improvement, despite the subtle change in nomenclature some say it's "NSD" for "New Standard Woofer", others simply note that "N" comes after "I" in the dictionary... And good as the ISD is/was, this woofer is better still. More efficient, better frequency response, and capable of an even greater pounding...

But still sound supremely accurate on anything from Jazz to Jurassic Park. Using dual spiders for the first time, a superlative voice coil and superior motor structure, the NSD woofer might not win any beauty contests, but you'll care little about that when you hear how it works. In fact, during nearly two years of development, we gave virtually no costing to cosmetic niceties (the ISD was a good looking woofer for sure -- not that this NSD woofer is any slouch, it's more purposeful and less fancy intentionally then). What you get in return is a woofer that actually will run neck and neck with our recently replaced, and much more expensive, dB12.2 "Plus" woofer.

All at the old prices. We cherry-picked minor parts, and designed all the critical ones ourselves. Like with all new SVS drivers its assembled by hand and tested in small batches using state of the art, high tech materials. Put this newest and most affordable SVS creation to the test with your toughest program material and we expect that "entry level" will take on a whole new dimension.

22 Hz to 22 kHz Measurement Bandwidth. 40 Hz Sinusoidal, Line voltage = 120 V. 22 to 22 kHz Measurement Bandwidth. 40 Hz Sinusoidal drive, Line voltage = 120 V. Relative to 300 W / 4 Ohms.

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  1. Features: High End
  2. MPN: 25-31PCI
  3. Audio Inputs: Stereo L/R RCA, Banana Jack
  4. Model: 25-31PCI
  5. Shape: Cylindrical
  6. RMS Power: 325 W
  7. Impedance: 8 Ohms
  8. Connectivity: Wired
  9. Brand: SVS
  10. Surround Sound Formats: THX, Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D Audio, Audyssey DSX, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, THX-EX, DTS Virtual:X, DTS Neo:X, DTS Neo:6, DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD, DTS-ES, DTS:X, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Virtual Speaker, DTS
  11. Color: Black
  12. Driver Size: 12 in
  13. Type: Subwoofer

SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer    SVS 25-31PCI Subwoofer